Where do I apply and which documents are needed?
It is best to fill out the application form, which should be supplemented by your CV, a cover letter and your certifications. It is important to include all of your documents in one single file.
How long does it take to get a response?
Usually, we will reach out to you within the next week.
What should I expect at the interview and how can I prepare for it?

We would like to get to know you and you should get to know us too - that is how we get a first impression and see if we fit. We will clarify our general framework and try to draw a realistic picture of what you might expect at our company.

After this first interview, we will reach out to you shortly - and there are a couple of possible outcomes:

  1. Congratulations! We love to welcome you to the 4ACES family!
  2. You convinced us! Other team leaders should get to know you, and together you will take a look at possible projects and the teams that you might join. You may get a short Case Study, for which you do not have to prepare for.
  3. At the time, we do not have the right job position for you - but we would like to include you in our applicant pool, and contact you if things will change.
  4. Unfortunately, we can not offer you a job at the moment.
I am interested in several job positions. How many applications can I send out to you?
Because we are in the project business, we will check your application company-wide - even if you decided to apply for a specific job. Our goal: We want to achieve the perfect match between our company and you. Your application for a specific position gives us a first orientation, but we also take a look at other potential roles.
"New Normal" - How do we approach this topic?
We think you should work where you are most productive: adapted to the right tasks and individual preferences. In consulting, close communication with clients and your team are key - wheather it is in person in one of our modern offices, virtually, or on-site with the client. It is our aspiration to find the right balance for our employees between work and private life.
Can I send out a speculative application?
Sure! Just send out your application and we will check if we have an interesting job for you at the moment.
I am considering entering a field of work different from my educational background. How big are my chances with 4ACES?
Our experiences show that especially people with different educational backgrounds carry a high potential and that they can develop into experts in any field of work.
I have more questions. Whom may I contact?
Just send us your questions! We are excited to get in contact. You can send an Email to Götz Heuer (goetz.heuer@4aces.de) or call him under +49 152 5960 0813.


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