Working for 4ACES

Our promises to you


At our company, you can organize your work as you see fit both in time and place, so long as it functions with your team and clients. Besides that, work-life-balance is extremely important to us! This means that we would like to head to your individual preferences where possible: do you consider studying while working or simply wish to work part time? Together, we will find a solution!

Personal growth

It is important to us, that our aces are able to continually learn and develop personally. We will therefore help you to tailor a custom personal growth path, which consist of extra courses and specialized training leading to certificates. In addition, we have a culture of sharing experiences and knowledge within the company through regular community of practice seminars.

Company Dynamic

Because of our flat hierarchies and direct communication, we make decision very quickly at 4ACES. This also means you can, from the get go, take on responsibility. You therefore have the chance to achieve a sense of fulfillment by implementing your ideas and thereby positively shaping the company through innovation.


A team is more than the sum of its members! Solidarity and working at eye-level are for us the basis of successful teamwork. An open ear, individuality, and a “du” culture follow naturally from this. We celebrate together the success we achieve together at after work activities and team events, fostering a positive mood.


At 4ACES, we place great importance in an open feedback culture and value every piece of feedback. It always goes without saying that you can anytime reach out for a chat, no matter your function or role in the company. Every piece of feedback is valuable to us, and we truly value the input. That is why we provide two feedback talks per year for every employee. Only in so doing can we as a business improve!


There are naturally many benefits for you as an Ace. You get, for example, rebates on canteen purchases, or you can choose between a tax-free credit-card and a subsidized work bicycle.

Exciting Projects

Variety instead of monotony. At 4ACES, with work with interesting topics and consult for well-known clients in a variety of fields


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