Career Change with 4ACES - A Personal Story

Career Change with 4ACES - A Personal Story

Our consultants Eleonora and Simon made the switch from teaching to project management with 4ACES. We asked them about their experience.

"Most people that attempt a career change usually encounter both an excitement of potential new experiences, but also a feeling of imposter syndrome: am I really up to the task? What will be the reaction to my resume?

At 4ACES, the onboarding process helped me overcome the major challenges of starting in a new field. Intensive support, in addition to being both valued and trusted from the start ensured I quickly overcame my uncertainties. Already during the interview process, it was clear to me how much value was placed on the person behind the resume. 

Many of the soft skills that I acquired during my teaching career such as communication skills, pedagogy, and didactic have shown themselves to be highly relevant to my consulting job. 

The large selection of projects at 4ACES allows every consultant to use both their strengths and personal interests. At the same time, 4ACES can utilize a broad know-how from diverse backgrounds to ensure it best fulfills customer projects and ensures their success. It’s a win-win situation. “

Whether you have a "conventional" background or you are flirting with the idea of a career change - your personality is the most important for us at 4ACES. Let's get into contact!


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