Student with 4ACES - A Personal Story

Student with 4ACES - A Personal Story

Our intern Sarah supports our change management team. She is currently studying for her Master's in psychology and has been with 4ACES for half a year. 

What do you do as an intern at 4ACES? It is difficult to generalize what I do at 4ACES since my tasks are so varied - it mostly depends on what is currently going on in the project. I regularly prepare and follow-up on workshops, prepare content for customers and support in customer meetings. I also help with internal and external communications with 4ACES.

What do you value most with your work? The cordial and friendly atmosphere in the team! I find it great that attention is paid to my further development, that I can gather varied practical experiences, and that the team takes time to show me and teach me new things. My work times also allow me to nicely combine both work and study.

What have you learned? Through the multidisciplinary work at 4ACES, I have been able to learn many small things along the way, particularly in the technical domain. I have also been able to deepen my knowledge of different useful tools. I now have a much better idea what the role of consultant entails.

Do you also wish to gather some practical experience while you study? Then we would love to receive a spontaneous application from you!


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